Men as Wine Varietals

Lets face it, there are a lot of types of men in the dating world ranging from loser to millionaire, frog to prince, hot to not. I started thinking that there are also a lot of wine varietals. Men usually are the reason I drink and I happen to like wine more then I like men but I thought it would be interesting to compare the two so here it goes. . . . Men as wine varietals

Muscat – This one is sweet. He compliments you all the time, brings you flowers, and pays for everything. Sometimes he is sweet to the point it is sickening. No one can have a dessert wine all the time.

White Zinfandel– This one you may had consumed on accident. It is not even a real wine (man). It is cheap, fake, and you don’t even want to admit to your friends that you enjoyed any of the time spent with it. You would NEVER be seen with it in public!

Chardonnay– This is the everyday go to one. You always know what to expect from it, it hits the spot, and you can rely on it to uphold its end of the relationship.

Merlot– This one is smooth and soft. Mellow and easy to get along with. It pairs well with most of your friends and family and just goes with the flow.

Petite Syrah – This one is hot and spicy. It is bold and leaves your tongue tingling. You fall in love with it right away but the spice dies down as you consume more of it and eventually this one will leave you with the biggest headache of them all.

Boxed Wine– This is the cheap ass. The one who wants to go Dutch all the time, who asks you for money, who has no taste.

Cabernet– This is the one you want to hang on to. It is stable and great quality. Deep, with a great ability to age well.  You want to treat this one like gold, lay it down, keep it at the right temperature and keep it for many years to come.

Sparkling–   This one is fancy, bubbling and exciting. It is for special occasions but can be a little too much to handle every day.

So there you have it. My favorite thing to drink, and the thing that makes me drink the most actually have a lot in common. Happy drinking and Happy dating. Cheers!