Can I Trade in Men for an Older Model?

I am driving my commute home from work and I start to look at the people in the cars all around me. They are 90% women, also coming home from a hard day’s work.

I am not sure what has happened to our generation and gender roles. Before everyone gets up in arms, I am not talking about equal working rights etc. for men and woman. I am talking about the newer generation of weak and lazy men! Where did y’all come from? Can we return you? Exchange you for some real men? For men like my dad and his generation?

Exhibit A: My ex-husband has not had a job in over 3 years. This is based purely on choice. He prefers to sleep in, watch TV, go to a bar around 2pm and stay there until late at night so he can repeat the same routine the next day. Well doesn’t that sound easy? Isn’t there something else we would all rather do with our time than work? Don’t worry about him though, he still manages to have his own place, brand name clothes and the ability to drink and eat out daily. How does he does this you ask?? MOMMY! She also bails him out of any trouble he gets into and always makes excuses for him. For example, when he came into my home many years after our divorce and stole all of my jewelry and pawned it, she did not hold him accountable and blamed me for pressing charges.

Exhibit B: I have 2 male friends who make significantly less than their wives, which is fine. However, after work they go to the bars and stay there for hours spending the little money they have made instead of going home to their wife and kids. This, leaving their married wife basically living the life of a single mom. Picking up the kids, dinner, homework, baths, playtime, bedtime etc. all after being the breadwinner all day.

Exhibit C: Another ex who can’t hold down a job. He gets one and then gets tired and decides he doesn’t want to go anymore and literally stops going until they fire him. Then he will give a poor me story and expect a woman to take him in, in which we do because. . . well for many reasons I won’t get into.

Meanwhile women are taking a huge leap in the work force. There are more women entrepreneurs than ever. The unemployment rate of men and women has done a flip flop in the past twenty years, and especially the last ten when my shameful generation of men entered the real world.

Yet have we told women to stop taking care of children, to not clean the house, to not make meals, not be a good daughter, sister or friend? Have we told them that they no longer need to be present with their kids or at school events? Did we give them any reduction of their assumed tasks because they have entered the work force in higher numbers out of necessity? NO! We expect women to do it all because little by little, the men are doing less and less.

My dad is from the older generation. He worked 8 hours a day, on his feet no less, and still came home right after work to interact with me, have dinner as a family etc. On weekends he was just as hard working always doing projects around the house or going on getaways with us. No matter what sacrifice he had to make, family was always a priority and we were always taken care of.

So while men are out there thinking about trading their wives and girlfriends in for a newer model, I am left begging for a receipt to return the men who come from my generation and trade in for an older more dependable model.