To My Daughter Looking Into Her Future

I see you looking in those binoculars every day. So innocently curious about what is ahead. While you are just looking into the immediate future and taking it all in, I want to take a minute to tell you about some things you are sure to see in your future and things I hope you see.

 Looking deep into your future you are going to see some disappointment. Maybe a friendship that doesn’t work out the way you want, an opportunity that passes, some loss and some tears. These things are inventible and happen in every life. I hope you also see the strength that I already see in you, and your ability to overcome any obstacle in your way.  The things you have dealt with in your 6 years so far have made you into a little spitfire and I love that spirit you have. You think everything is possible. I hope you still see that little girl in your future self.

My hopes are that you see soooo much more positive than negative in your future.  I hope you can see all the love that will always surround you. I hope you can see me, your mom, being your biggest cheerleader now and forever. I hope you see acceptance as you enter an adult world that does not work the same as you and sometimes will not understand your difference (you are honest and sincere and literate and the world is not always like this).  I hope you see friends, lots of friends and smiling faces. I hope you see the difference you are making, the awareness you will bring to the autism community.  I hope you see goals accomplished, strides made, and every wonderful wish met. 

In your binoculars you see a little into the near future. In my dreams I see much farther into your future and baby it’s beautiful!