“There she is, the man stealer” I think as I drive past the location that my love spends all his time at. The other woman. She is quite large but intimate. She offers comfort in ways that I cannot. He has sought comfort there for about the same amount of time that I have known him, yet they are closer than I will ever be to him.  She is the first place he turns to when things get hard, the first place he goes to celebrate a triumph. She is his world.

When he gets off work he heads right to her, staying there until late at night when he goes home either to his bed or mine to claim he loves me. I wouldn’t know, it is hard to feel that love when all he does is sleep next to me. She is the one who knows his secrets, comforts his soul, and provides his entertainment. He never lights up for me like he does around her.

I know that I should let him go, let him be happy there and move on but I keep holding out hope that one day he will see all the damage she has done to him and all he has lost because of her. She is the reason for most of the drama in his life, she is the reason his bank account continues to dwindle. If he had not been with her that Friday night, he never would have gotten his face beaten in by another man who also wanted to spend time with her. The fact that he cannot tear himself away from her has cost him several jobs, living situations and now might even cost him me. It won’t matter. He will replace those things with more of her comfort. After all, I am just a woman who has given him my heart and loyalty. I could never compete with his bar!