Products I love!

The items below have helped me navigate through this single mom world. Whether it be by saving me time, saving me money, or saving my sanity with a little humor and wine! Use my links to purchase these products and help yourself navigate this chaotic lifestyle!

This Instapot has saved me sooooo much time. Meals that used to take over an hour now take about 15 minutes. I can use my extra time to play with my daughter, run an extra errand on the way home from work, or do the inevitable cleaning! It makes baked potatoes quickly, shrimp and grits, pulled pork, you name it and you can make it in this thing. Lifesaver! Click the pic to buy yours now.

This stylish chewlry has saved me from saying “out of your mouth” “don’t lick the window” “we don’t chew on puppy” etc. My daughter has sensory issues that come along with the autism and she needs a lot of oral stimulation. Luckily she loves being girly and wearing jewelry so this chewley works great. Click the pic to buy a set and try it out.

When it has been a long day (even it is only 3pm!) I do not want to look all over for my little wine corker and then spend time cutting the foil and twisting and pulling. This gadget can get me into the good juice in a matter of seconds! Click the pic to get yours now!