Why Are We Celebrating You and Not Me?

So this is one of those topics that some people get REALLY mad about. When a single mom gets celebrated on Father’s Day. What’s the big deal? We do twice the work so why can’t we get twice the celebration? I was reminded of this recently when my child’s father actually expected to see her this weekend (we won’t even get into where he located at the moment) even though he never sees her any other time or does anything to benefit her life. I want to know why? Why do you want to take a picture with your daughter once a year? Why do you think that you DESERVE to even be titled a father. Lets recap her life:

Who has gotten up with her in the night since the first day she was born? ME

Who has planned every Birthday and Holiday celebration for her? ME

Who has actually bought her gifts for those special occasions? ME

Who has stayed up at night worrying about her development and diagnosis? ME

Who took the first step to get her evaluated for Autism? ME

Who signed her up for all the right therapies and advocates for her still? ME

Who left an abusive marriage (with you) to protect her tiny soul from seeing and hearing all the hatred and be scarred from it?? ME

Who has full physical and legal custody? ME

Who works full time (shit, who works at all) to support her? ME

Who pays for EVERYTHING that the child needs including clothes, toys, food, etc.? ME

Who makes sure that she has wonderful childhood memories, even when you told me she couldn’t handle it? ME

Who plans, pays for and takes her on vacations? ME

Who is with her 24/7 when she is sick, staying up all night, fighting with her about medications, taking her to Doctors appointments, hospitals etc? ME

Who makes sure she has medical benefits? ME

Who goes to every school function, every IEP meeting, teacher conference, or  first and last day of school? ME

Who deals with the day to day meltdowns and temper tantrums (sometimes even in public)? ME

Who has never laid a hand on her? ME

Who makes every meal, snack and treat? ME

Who reads her stories every night and tucks her in? ME

Who tells her how special she is, how smart and beautiful, and how much she is loved? ME

Who kills the bugs, scares away the lizards, kisses her ouchies? ME

So again, why are we celebrating you? Oh yeah. . .thanks for the sperm and unsolicited opinions on my parenting !

Author: singlewithasidekick

I am single mom of a child with special needs. I work full time, raise my child the best I can, fail at most things domestic, and have a growing dislike for men as I dredge though the dating world!

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