Why Wine is Better Than Men

  • Wine does not judge me after a long day or offer an opinion, it only comforts me
  • I get to choose how much money I invest into it, it does not beg for more
  • Wine has never sent me an unsolicited nasty picture (OUCH, MY EYES!!!)
  • Wine doesn’t cheat, once I open a bottle it is committed completely to me
  • Wine has a job (to make me happy!) Side note – most men I have dated could not get/keep a job
  • Wine makes me look and feel more beautiful
  • Wine helps me make new friends instead of taking time away from the ones I have
  • Wine lets me go to sleep when I want to, it doesn’t need any special late night attention
  • Wine doesn’t have facial hair, it feels good on my lips every time!
  • I do not have to clean up after wine, it is self contained (unless of course I have too much and spill it – party foul!)
  • Wine smells like heaven on earth, not like butt sweat and gym socks
  • When wine gets older it gets better, not worse

Author: singlewithasidekick

I am single mom of a child with special needs. I work full time, raise my child the best I can, fail at most things domestic, and have a growing dislike for men as I dredge though the dating world!

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